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Ma’am, I have a license to marry and I’m not afraid to use it.

Ok, maybe a little afraid, but that’s normal.

We even applied for it online. How very modern of us.

Blah Blah Blah | No comments | Posted 31 July, 2008 (09:39)

Stay on target…

It’s getting close to showtime and I have something I didn’t expect to have and don’t gave something I did.

Free time. This is awesome. We’ve still got some things left to handle, but our days aren’t built completely around the wedding. We went out dancing last night and even socialized afterwards. I think that Buzzbrews is the new Cafe Brazil.

Thankfully, we’re having a non-traditional wedding, so that when people ask Karhy to see the ring they understand why she didn’t have one at Day +0. Day -20 is getting some different questions tho. All of them have very nervous replies.

In through the nose, out through the mouth…

Preparation | No comments | Posted 27 July, 2008 (08:00)

Registry: Catch-22

Through this mini-adventure know as planning our wedding, we’ve been known to buck a tradition or two (I think some of the etiquette guide writers must still be rolling in their metaphorical graves over our electronic invitations), but one tradition we’ve been trying to wade through is the handling of the registry. Every guide we’ve come across launches into a convoluted explanation of why the registry is so gosh darned important and why the location of it must never be mentioned by the bride and groom.

In fact, I have a feeling that the degree to which we are bucking the bridal system would make many a bridezilla quote Catch-22:

“You have no respect for excessive authority or obsolete traditions. You’re dangerous and depraved, and you ought to be taken outside and shot!”

We are very thankful that our friends and family have been more supportive.

Well…maybe after this post hits the internet those rolling writers will start turning fast enough where we can hook up something to harness the energy.

If you feel so inclined to give us something as we start our life together, but have been wondering where we are hiding our registry. We are registered at Amazon.com (Search Kathy Carter or Tommy Falgout) and Target (search online or in stores- Katherine Carter or Thomas Falgout in Texas, yes, there is actually another Katherine Carter getting married, but I swear that’s not me!).

We look forward to seeing you at the big day!

Preparation | No comments | Posted 23 July, 2008 (21:01)

Yes, I’ll take the camo wedding

It sort of hit me the other day that we have less than a month and a half until our wedding. (Which sometimes still seems kinda weird…) And that day is going to come, whether we’re ready for it or not. Hopefully, we’ll be more on the “ready for it” side.

As a result of that, though, I’ve been having to step-up my searches for various wedding related paraphernalia, like guest books. During my search, I stumbled across this, “Discerning Camouflage” guest book. I really like the embroidery heart.

So, I decided to search for other camouflage wedding stuff, thinking I’d come up with only the redneck wedding pics that we’ve probably all seen by now. Instead I find a kind of pissy looking model wearing a dress that, in white or ivory, I’ve probably seen a dozen times while looking for my own dress (link here). But that’s not all…I found a cake. A camo themed cake with a pair of deer heads as the topper.

If you had a camo wedding, you’d have to have these as the favors, right?


Blah Blah Blah | 1 comment | Posted 3 July, 2008 (17:44)

Wedding Vows

So, Tommy and I are debating on pre-written vows versus writing our own. Today, I’ve been surfing the internet looking for non-corny, pro-Tommy/Kathy type vows. Many vows got crossed off within a line or two. Just when I thought I’d never find something that perfectly encapsulated what I want to convey, I stumbled across a this site with the very concise vow of: OMG, WTF my BFF is now my new husband!

Why would I even need to look further??

Seriously though, anyone know of good sites for non-traditional vows?

Preparation | 2 comments | Posted 29 June, 2008 (09:32)


Here’s the map info for everyone. Let me know if it’s missing anything, but I’ve got the Plaza Arts Center (w/ Extra Parking), Hotel, Rehearsal Dinner.

Emergency details are coming soon. For a permanent link, you can go to http://wedding.lastcoolnamelet.com/maps/g2.html